About Us

DandyLife was established in 2015 by Attila Babos, one of the creators of the legendary Mod label Velvet Illusion. DandyLife specialises in the reproduction of 1960’s fashion with an special interest in Mod and Space Age styles as well as late 1960’s Psychedelic influences. DandyLife takes over from Velvet Illusion, respecting its classic designs and timeless style, but with the hope of creating many more unique designs.

Sadly vintage pieces from the 1960’s are slowly disappearing and the most desirable styles are now very hard to find. DandyLife aims to bring back the best of the 1960s fashion with designs that offer an unmistakably authentic look and that are wearable, smart and flattering.

At DandyLife we are committed to getting the small details right in order to achieve a real vintage look and to bring to our customers quality design pieces that are also affordable.

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